Audio Nahjul Balagha and Holy Quran in English Language

Audio Collection of Holy Quran and Nahj al-Balagha

Sharab-e-Beheshti Audio Collection

A Unique Selection of Islamic Major Books: Audio Nahjul Balagha and Holy Quran in English Language

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sharabebeheshti Englis Versio

What does it mean?

The Persian word “Sharabebeheshti” means “Paradise Drink” in English. It is an extremely pleasant and delicious drink that will be given to those who will be in Paradise (Heaven).

The name Sharabebeheshti is inspired by the Holy Quran. In chapter 76 of The Holy Quran, Al-Insaan, verse 21 says: the lord (God) will give them (people from Paradise) a very clean and pure drink. This is where Sharabebeheshti (Paradise Drink) name came from.

Nahjul-Balagha” is an Arabic word. The English equivalent is “The Path of Eloquence”. This Arabic word is name of a noble book that contains sermons and letters of Imam Ali (peace be upon him).

What is it?

Sharabebeheshti English audio collection consists of two books. First, Nahjul-Balagha (The Path of Eloquence) and the second, the Holy Quran. So with Sharabebeheshti English audio collection, you have access to a selection of contents of these two important, noble books. A selection of sermons and letters of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) and a selection of chapters of The holy Quran, both with English recitation.

Who is Imam Ali?

Imam Ali (Pbuh) was the worthy successor of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh), and this had been confirmed by The Prophet before. The Prophet had previously introduced Imam Ali as his successor during the Ghadir event. But after the death of The Prophet, unfortunately Imam Ali could not take over the caliphate. Because the enemies did not allow him to achieve his right and they usurped the caliphate.

Thanks to God, this unique work (audio collection) has been met with an unprecedented favourable and positive response from our compatriots in Iran and other countries. Considering that today more than ever, there is a need to use the instructive and enlightening words of Imam Ali (Pbuh) in the society and among the young generation, a group of lovers of the Ahl al-Bayt (Pbut) decided to create an exquisite collection of English translations of the statements of Amir al-Mu’minin Imam Ali (Pbuh) and make it available to the public, especially among the dear youth, in order to promote the great culture of Nahjul-Balagha and the teachings of the Ahl-al-Bayt (Pbut) in the society.


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